About Vaillant

TOPS MVHR-filters stocks and delivers all sorts of filters for Vaillant. In our assortment we offer, among others, air filters for the Heat Recovery Unit Vaillant RecoVAIR 275 / 350. All filters are delivered from stock.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

TOPS WTW-filters offers the best Vaillant filters

Maintaining your HRV unit can seem like a harsh time consuming undertaking, but a even by just changing the filters you can make sure the unit lasts. This way you will be able to enjoy a nice clean air flow without all the hassle. With TOPS WTW-filters you can be sure that you will find the right quality filters.

In our webshop you will find an extensive range of different Vaillant filters for your unit. Which filter you need exactly depends in part on your personal requirements. Do you often have a nuisance from smell and does your HRV unit bring it indoors? Then choose the special activated carbon filters. Do you have a lot of air pollution around your house or do you have hay fever? Take a look at our special F7 filters. Whatever you are looking for, TOPS WTW-filters will help you.

Buy Vaillant filters easily and without worries

With us it is important that you as a customer receive the service you deserve. We offer active customer service that can help you with the many questions you may have. You can reach customer service via our built-in chat function or via our telephone number +31 (0) 850 410 800. Wrong filter and do you want to return it? We do not make a problem of this! You can also expect competitive prices through our volume discount and we offer an easy reminder service. This way you automatically know when to order new filters and you never pay too much.

Why replace a filter?

For some the question is, why do I have to change my filter every 6 months. The answer is quite simple. Many people know that when a filter becomes full it no longer works as effectively as before, but did you know that your HRV unit will also be affected? The fact is that the unit has to apply a lot more power to get the air through the filter. As a result, your unit consumes more energy and will show wear more quickly. The downside is that filters tend to be expensive. But no more! Take a look at our ‘House brand’ filters. They offer the same quality, but for a much lower cost

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