Reminder Service

Reminder Service

The benefits of a maintenance contract, without the obligations
Like all things, after a while air filters start to show signs of wear and they start to work less efficiently. That is why it is important to replace them on time. TOPS WHR Filters offers its existing customers a ‘reminder service’: every six months, you will receive an automatic e-mail reminder to replace your filters.

Free service
The mail contains the products you have bought before. You can order your new filters with one click of a button, easy and fast. Good to know: the reminder service is completely free of any obligations. You decide when you want to order and how much. The reminder service is in no way a subscription, but rather a free service offered by TOPS WHR Filters.

Maintenance advice
TOPS WHR Filters advises to replace your filters every six months and in case of newly built houses every four months. Check your filters on a regular basis and, if necessary, you can clean them using a vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting so your filters won't damage. NB: never clean air filters with water or any other liquid!

If you have any questions or if something is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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