MVHR-filter: what is it?

MVHR-filter: what is it?

MVHR-filter: what is it?

A MVHR-filter is a filter that filters out- and incoming air into your home for dust particles. MVHR-units are installed in almost all new-build houses. This is a sustainable ventilation system. MVHR-unit stands for: “Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery”. The MVHR-filters are placed into this system. The filters are different for each brand MVHR-unit. For example, Brink filters have other dimensions than Zehnder, Stork or Itho filters. In addition, there are different filter classes and types. We will come back to this in detail in a next blog.

MVHR-unit: what is it?

A MVHR-unit is a ventilation system in which heat recovery is very high. The unit consists of fans, a heat exchanger and of course, the MVHR-filters. The MVHR-unit draws in the cold outside air via the supply duct. The cold air is then filtered and passes the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger heats the cold outside air with the warm inside air. Then the heated air is blown into the house. As a result, the air in the house is filtered and heated in a sustainable way.

There is no need to heat the cold outside air in the summer. Therefore, the heat exchanger can be turned off in the unit. This means that the unit has a bypass (which is not the case with all MVHR-units). If the unit has a bypass, the cold outside air is still filtered, but will not pass the heat exchanger. This keeps the house cool in a sustainable way. Some MVHR-units have an automatic bypass. The unit itself will automatically activate or deactivate the bypass. Your MVHR-unit will determine on the basis of the temperatures whether the outside air should be heated. In this blog we explain everything about the use of the bypass in your unit.

What are the benefits of MVHR-filters?

-          The MVHR-unit and MVHR-filters provide significant energy savings.

-          A MVHR-filter ensures cleaner air in the house.

-          The house is ventilated in a sustainable way.

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