The parent company TOPS Luchtfilters

The parent company TOPS Luchtfilters

TOPS Luchtfilters B.V. the parent company of TOPS WTW-filters B.V.

Did you know that TOPS actually consists of two companies? Namely TOPS Luchtfilters B.V. and TOPS WTW-filters B.V.. TOPS Luchtfilters is the parent company of TOPS WTW-filters. TOPS Luchtfilters is a wholesaler in the field of MVHR filters, air filters and a selection of accessories. TOPS Luchtfilters has been providing the business market with high quality air filters and accessories since 1979. To serve you better as a private customer, TOPS WTW-filters was founded in 2010.

Since TOPS Luchtfilters itself produces part of the filters, TOPS WTW-filters always has the majority of the filters in stock. In addition, we can continue to guarantee quality and always deliver quickly. We also have various collaborations with well-known brands in the MVHR filter industry. Because of this, we can also supply the original filters of many brands.

In which branches is TOPS active?

In addition to the private market, TOPS also supplies filters to hospitals, office buildings, installation companies, paint shops, schools, shipping- and aviation companies and many other business markets. Partly thanks to our air filters, we provide cleaner air in homes, hospitals, office buildings, paint shops and schools throughout Europe!

Why cooperate with TOPS?

TOPS wants to create an optimal indoor air climate for as many people as possible. Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience, we can advise and assist you with your personal issue. We think along with you in every possible way. Customization is of course also possible. We ensure that all our products are of top quality. We also remind you when your filters need to be replaced.

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