Our cooperation with Zehnder Netherlands

Our cooperation with Zehnder Netherlands

Our cooperation with Zehnder Netherlands

MVHR-filters come in many different lengths, widths and heights. In addition, there is a lot of difference in quality. TOPS WTW-filters wants to offer its customers a choice of quality products. After all, it is all about the air quality in your home. In order to be able to deliver top quality products, cooperation with progressive companies is important. Since 2017, we have been working closely with Zehnder Netherlands to be a part of a perfect indoor climate. We are the only filter webshop in the Netherlands that has this cooperation with Zehnder Netherlands.

What does our cooperation mean?

Working together to get as many original Zehnder filters as possible in Zehnder units. Because this is our common goal, we always have enough original filters in stock. Zehnder Netherlands considers the quality of distributors very important. Thanks to our many years of experience and reliability in the field of MVHR-filters, Zehnder Netherlands sends its customers directly to us.

Why this cooperation?

TOPS WTW-filters is the main webshop in the field of MVHR-filters in the Netherlands. We specialize in the field of MVHR-filters for the private market. Both Zehnder Netherlands and TOPS WTW-filters strive for an optimal indoor climate.

Good ventilation in your home ensures that it does not get musty and damp in the house. If your house is damp and musty, you have more chance of fungus and house dust mite. Fungi and dust mites slowly cause large, visible and invisible damage. This can be seen in large damp spots in your home. You are more likely to have health problems such as headaches, asthmatic complaints and allergies. Good insulation of your home is very important, but good ventilation is often the underestimated child. However, ventilation is most important for an optimal indoor climate. Through knowledge sharing, TOPS WTW-filters together with Zehnder Netherlands can achieve this goal.

Maintenance ventilation system and MVHR-unit

Of course, maintenance of your ventilation system and heat recovery unit is very important. This ensures that the energy efficiency and capacity remain optimal. Zehnder Netherlands therefore recommends to have your ventilation system maintained and assessed at least once a year by a ventilation specialised installer.

Furthermore, it is important that, in addition to major maintenance, you also carry out minor maintenance yourself. For example, the timely replacement of your filters. It is advised to replace your filters every 6 months. Do you have a new house or a house in an area where a lot is being built? Then it is advisable to replace your filters more often during the first period. This is because the filters in your ventilation system get dirty much quicker because of the large amount of building dust.


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