The replacement of MVHR-filters

The replacement of MVHR-filters

The replacement of MVHR-filters

You have a MVHR-unit at home and the MVHR-filters need to be replaced. But why and how should this be done? We would like to provide more clarity about this via this blog.

When should I replace my MVHR-filters?

Every six months a message will appear on your MVHR-unit that the MVHR-filters are in need of replacement. However, this is an average. How often you need to change your filters also depends on the season and where you live. In spring, there are many more pollen in the air. Because of these particles, the MVHR-filters are full faster. If you live in a new housing estate or in a place where a lot of building work is still going on, your filters will also fill up faster. This is due to the large amount of building dust that is still in the air.

How often should I replace my MVHR-filters?

For most MVHR-units, the manufacturer uses a frequency of 2 times a year. We advise you to check your filters on a regular basis. New filters are generally white (there are a number of products that are, for example, blue or black). If your MVHR-filters are light grey, you do not have to replace them yet and you can check them again after 2 months. However, if your MVHR-filters are dark grey or black, then your filters need to be replaced..

How should I replace my MVHR-filters?

This varies from one MVHR-unit to another and it is wise to refer to the instruction manual for your unit.

1.       Does your MVHR-unit have a function to replace MVHR-filters? Then choose this option and proceed to step 2. If your unit does not have the option of replacing filters, you must first unplug your unit from the mains.

2.       Then remove the old MVHR-filters from the unit. When removing the old filters, pay close attention to how they were placed in your MVHR-unit.

3.       Replace the new MVHR-filters in your unit in the same way.

4.       Once you have unplugged your unit from the mains in step 1, plug it back in again. Then your MVHR-unit will restart.

Why do I need to replace my MVHR-filters?

Clean MVHR-filters ensure clean air in the house. But this is not the only reason. The clean filters give less air resistance. As a result, your MVHR-unit does have to work less hard to transport the air through your MVHR-unit. In this way, the air circulation remains optimal, so your unit uses less energy. This results in lower energy costs. So with clean filters you get clean air in your home and save on your energy cost.

Why is it important to have clean air in your home?

Clean air in the house means less dust and bacteria in the air. A good indoor climate reduces the chance of complaints such as airway irritations, allergies and headaches. To filter the air in your home as well as possible, you can opt for a fine dust filter in your MVHR-unit. This filter is better able to filter smaller dust particles than filters with a lower filter class.

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